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 Is the Affordable Care Act Still in Effect in 2021?

Is the Affordable Care Act Still in Effect in 2021?

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, many people were left dazed and confused about many aspects of their life. Unfortunately, this included their healthcare or the lack there of.

There have been plenty of changes occurring in the healthcare industry during 2021. Although this is true, the current and future projections of your healthcare should not be a mystery to you. Some policies are gone while others still remain well in effect.

Let’s take a deep dive into what the Affordable Care Act looks like in the year 2021!

The Affordable Care Act Still Stands

The Affordable Care Act is still the reigning form of healthcare for people in the United States. There have been plenty of news reports trying to claim otherwise, but they contain false information that should not be trusted by the American people. In fact, this information is the exact opposite of the truth. Although a few changes have been made, more people across the United States have the opportunity to gain health insurance through this health care reform law.

If you’ve seen in the headlines that threats are being made against the ACA, those are actually true. The Texas versus United States/Azar lawsuit occurred in December of 2019. This case was heard by the Supreme Court and it aims to dispose of the entire Affordable Care Act. The premise behind this complete discarding of the ACA stems from the fact that the individual mandate penalty was removed in January of 2019. 

The Individual Mandate Penalty is No More

This individual mandate penalty was aimed at those Americans who didn’t have healthcare coverage. Once the Affordable Care Act took effect on March 23, 2010, every American citizen had to have health insurance to show compliance with the new law.

Although the GOP lawmakers weren’t able to fully repeal the entire ACA during the 2019 court case, they were able to repeal the individual mandate penalty. The final verdict on the Texas versus United States/Azar lawsuit is said to be confirmed sometime in 2021.