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At insurance after work, we help protect all aspects of your business

Since 1981, the professionals at Insurance After Work have been actively assisting small businesses with their insurance needs.  Whether you need Worker's Compensation, Cyber Liability or other coverages, we are here to help.

Maria M. Retired Govt Officer

Very helpful and fully explained the different plans. I have a better understanding of what my consulting business needs.

Max b. Accountant

Taking on a few high profile clients has elevated our risk exposure. IAW has helped me understand my profile and the coverages that I need to carry. Thank you for your professionalism.

    Absolutely. Even the most well run organizations carry general liability, as there is no such thing as a perfect business. The general liability policy provides protection against a wide array of claims including slip, trips and falls or accidental bodily injury. Don’t leave your business success to chance, as policies can start as low as 150 dollars for the year. 

    Yes. Many business owners aren’t aware that the general Liability policy won’t cover your professional activities, and this can be a devastating blow to your life’s work. The General Liability and Professional Liability policy work in tandem to provide some of the most expansive coverage while eliminating potential gaps in your insurance.

    A COI or Certificate of Insurance is a document often requested by many businesses when signing a contract. The document is designed to provide peace of mind to your customers by showing them your policy limits and policy expiration dates. Think of it as an Auto ID card for your business operation.

    There are multiple coverages available and the package you need depends on your business operations. Besides the general liability and property coverages which provide the bulk of the insurance policy, you can shore up your protection by adding on endorsements such as Hired/Non-Owned, Business Income off-premises and even Data Breach Insurance. Call today to design an insurance protection package that is right for you!

    The team at Insurance After Work are here when you need us the most! We are open 7 days a week from 8am-9pm CST and even later by appointment.

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    Since 1981, the Insurance After Work professionals have been serving policyholders – protecting businesses, mitigating losses, defending claims.

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